Who can be an
e-bharat@home associate?

Well, to be an e-bharat@home associate one need to be a far-sighted entrepreneur, who shares our common vision of success and growth through quality delivery channels. Moreover, he should have a constant hunger to achieve and succeed in the lucrative world of Information Technology. The target profile of associate may be existing businessmen willing to diversify, owners of cyber-café, hardware/software vendors, unemployed youngsters having necessary IT background, people having taken VRS, growth oriented salaried individuals having a burning desire to excel as an entrepreneur & housewives having appetite for success or willing to break their daily routine & earn as a part of the prestigious business.


Why should you associate with us?

Research Software Solutions has an existing market base and enjoys tremendous brand-equity in the high-end technology market and its training brand InfoUniv has already emerged as the leading player in the high end training in Eastern India and has launched epoch making courses like CNP,CNP Max, CDP, Z-Plus which has successfully decimated competition of every kind, everywhere. Moreover, we have expanded beyond the shores of our country and are running successful operations in Australia, Singapore, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates.

Our activities have also earned global acclaim from software giants and the world’s no 1 IT Company Microsoft, web solution leader Macromedia, and Hardware Training Provider CompTIA has already tied-up with our organization which itself is testimony to the fact of our quality and faith in our delivery structure.

By associating with us at any partner levels, you can be assured of a most professional business relationship, where you can benefit tremendously from the brand name and goodwill that we enjoy in the market, high quality course contents and delivery mechanisms, aggressive marketing & constant up gradation of technology.

How do you benefit by becoming an
e-bharat@home associate?

:: Zero royalty program

:: Authorized to use the e-bharat@home brand name to run various computer orientation courses.

:: e-bharat@home logo, marketing aids like banners, glow-sign, dispensers to be provided to enhance profitability.

:: Comprehensive print advertisement to generate business for e-bharat@home.

:: Marketing support from 24 hrs Dedicated Call Center.

:: Launching various marketing schemes from time to time towards boosting the sales.

:: Determining and implementing local level business promotions.

:: Centrally conducted and coordinated online student examination and certification.

:: Well-structured and researched course materials to be provided.

:: Training and Faculty certification.


What do you have to invest?

:: A vision to achieve AND grow together

:: A strong commitment to quality

:: Space between 100-250 sq. ft. with 1-2 machines in a centrally located residential or commercial area.

:: Furniture and necessary low cost decorative items.

:: An amount ranging between Rs. 55,000/- (Rupees fifty five thousand only) to Rs. 68,000/- (Rupees sixty eight thousand only)

Who are the target customers in an e-bharat@home center?

School & College students, Businessmen, Working Professionals, Salaried Individuals, Unemployed Youth, Housewives and for all who want themselves to be prepared for the e-age.



Why should a student join an e-bharat@home center?

:: Benefit from world class course delivery mechanisms

:: Derive the maximum advantage of the Research Software Solutions brand name and benefit from the global tie-ups that Research Software Solutions has with multinational giants like Microsoft, Macromedia, CompTIA, Sylvan Prometric, VUE and IC3.

:: Highly affordable and economical course-fees

:: High value course materials that are rich in content and delivery

:: Chance to further upgrade himself in any of the InfOUniv education centers at discounted rates.

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